ARMSTRONG Air Treatment Solutions

Ensuring the compressed air is clean and dry at all times is essential for many production processes, which is why at Armstrong Compressors we offer a range of air treatment solutions to meet your specific needs. Rest assured our Armstrong air treatment solutions can provide high quality air at low energy costs, keep  productions operating, and prevent pollution, corrosion, leakages, and rust in the process.

The compressed air treatment solutions at Armstrong include Compressed Air Dryers, Aftercoolers, Air Filter Assembly, and Nitrogen Generator

Compressed Air Dryers

ISO8573.1 Class 4 certified to effectively remove water vapor from the compressed air.


Designed for those critical applications requiring low air temperatures in the process and help minimize moisture further for longer equipment lifespan.

Line Filter Assembly

Manufactured to ISO standard to ensure even the smallest particles down to 0.01 micron are intricately filtered eliminating all compressed air contaminants.

Nitrogen Generator

Engineered to efficiently extract the available nitrogen from the compressed air utilizing the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology for your key operations.

Practical Choices & Options

For those heavy duty tasks requiring clean and dry compressed air, users can select from our array of Armstrong refrigerated dryers series. Likewise, they may also opt-for our other air treatment solutions such as our Armstrong nitrogen generators for their specific needs. Our Armstrong aftercoolers and air filters are also guaranteed to ensure high quality air is produced and keep their compressors operating for a long time. 

Excellent Aftermarket Services

Armstrong is supported by a team of Knowledgeable & Skilled Compressed Air experts who can provide complete warranty support, spare parts and technical consultation.

Air Treatment Solutions

Armstrong air treatment solutions are a collection of reliably, energy efficient, and excellent products guaranteed to meet your application needs. Our air treatment solutions can help ensure the high quality compressed air is consistently kept clean and dry for that maximum performance.