ARMSTRONG High-Pressure Piston Compressors (Booster)

Our ARMSTRONG High-Pressure (Booster) piston compressors provide reliable, cost-effective, and excellent performance that can amplify 7-10 bar compressed air from the current network and up to 40 bar max. Unlike other high pressure compressors, our Armstrong units are simple and easy to install with low maintenance required. These energy efficient machines are another ideal option for supplying high pressure compressed air in PET blow molding and packaging industries.


✔ Durable and Reliable
✔ Easy Maintenance
✔ Multi-stage compression design
✔ Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Valves Assembly
✔ Loadless Start Centrifugal Unloader
✔ Low speed and vibration during operation
✔ Built-in Modified Large Efficient Aftercooler with automatic drains
✔ 100% Heavy Duty Cast Iron frame and separately-cast cylinders

  • Speed (RPM): 670 - 1050
  • Inlet Suction (m3/min): 0.85 - 12.70
  • Free Air Delivery (cfm): 0.72 ~ 10.4
  • Motor Power (Kw): 5.5- 37
  • Weight (kg): 360 - 510
  • Specially customized for PET Bottle Manufacturing 

We have the widest range of resilient industrial compressed air solutions in the Philippines.

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