ARMSTRONG Compressed Air Dryers

Our Armstrong Compressed Air Dryers were engineered to reliably operate even under the toughest conditions to ensure your compressed air are perfectly clean & dry at affordable costs. These high-quality industrial machines are also guaranteed to protect your systems and operations against condensate damage and maintain dew point under 4°C.

We offer two types: Refrigerated  and Desiccant Air Dryers.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Compact and environmentally friendly designed to prevent machine failures, line corrosions, and other factors at maximum energy cost savings.

Desiccant Air Dryers

Utilizing the latest industry-proven technology to satisfy more stringent compliance in air treatment up to -100c dewpoint & continuously supply clean, dry compressed air at the lowest life cycle cost.

Practical Choices & Options

For those subjected in hot humid weather conditions, users can choose our Armstrong Refrigerated Air Dryers guaranteed to eliminate water vapor from the compressed air. Likewise, users may also opt for our Armstrong Desiccant Air Dryers configured with various dewpoint (-40C to -100C) design & energy saving configuration.


Armstrong compressed air dryers are designed for continuous operational reliability and maximum productivity at an affordable cost. We offer a wide variety of compressed air dryers from refrigerated air dryers with 21 – 2500 CFM (0.6 – 70 m3/min) capacity and desiccant air dryers with 354 – 12,360 CFM (10 – 350 m3/min) capacity. Likewise,  we also provide smart energy-saving controls for all your requirements and can assist in monitoring & troubleshooting  for users to benefit over the long term.

Excellent Aftermarket Services

Armstrong is supported by a team of Knowledgeable & Skilled Compressed Air experts who can provide complete warranty support, spare parts and technical consultation.