ARMSTRONG Industrial Piston Compressors (Oil-Lubricated)

Used for intensive applicationsARMSTRONG “Oil-Lubricated” Industrial piston compressors are quality air compressors developed based on U.S. industrial-grade proven technology. These piston air compressors are reliable, heavy duty, easy to install, and built to produce minimal noise and vibration while operating. These also include a built-in aftercooler for efficient air cooling. Available in single and two-stage versions, ARMSTRONG “Oil-Lubricated” reciprocating compressors are widely used in Manufacturing, Power, Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Electronics, Construction, Hospitals, and other industries.


✔ Built-in Aftercoolers
✔ Efficient Air Cooling
✔ Durable & Reliable
✔ Easy Maintenance
✔ Low Noise Operation
✔ Balanced Overhung Crankshaft
✔ Rugged One-Piece Connecting Rod
✔ Efficient Finned Intercooler Tubes
✔ Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Valves Assembly
✔ Loadless Start Centrifugal Unloader
✔ Factory-Filled Synthetic Lubricants
✔ 100% Heavy Duty Cast Iron frame and separately-cast cylinders

  • Stages: Single or Two
  • Free Air Delivery (cfm): 14 ~ 95
  • Motor Power (Kw): 4.10 - 22
  • Noise dB (A): 70-78
  • Weight (kg): 250 - 730
  • Tank Mounted
  • Skid-Mounted
  • Engine-driven

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